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Our reputation was built on building firm relationships with our clients.
Our services are available to both commercial and industrial areas and businesses.
We do all types of road repair from weather and tree damage to fixing potholes and start to finish road repairs.  
We can lay pathways and repair cracks from wear and tear including high traffic areas.
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For road repairs and potholes call us today.


Hire a Bobcat from us for your next project.


Hot spray and Bitumen seal for road paving.


Hot Spraying & Bitumen Seal

At Central QLD Contractors we can assist you with 1 and  two coat bitumen, Dust reduction
on rural roads, ashfelts cracks and road wear and tear.

  • Bitumen Spray Seal for worn out ashfelt hot mix to prolong life.

  • Rural Road Dust Reduction

  • Two coat seals for high stress areas

  • Start to finish road building

Driveway and Shed Floor Paving

Talk to us today about how we can save you money by laying a bitumen finish in your shed or garage instead of expensive concreting.

  • Custom built driveways and shed floor paving

  • Private Airstrips Resurfacing

  • Carpark and pathway wear and tear repair

  • Start to finish building new pathways, walkways and road resurfacing

Central Queensland Contractors
Central Queensland Contractors

Bobcat Hire

Talk to us about Bobcat Hire, Roller Hire and Bitumen Spray Truck Hire.
All Equipment hire comes with a driver so you can complete your project quickly and professionally.

  • Bobcat Hire

  • Roller Hire

  • Bitumen Spray Truck Hire

  • Driver Included

Pothole and Road Repair

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  • 24-hour emergency pothole repair from flooding or diesel spillage

  • Surface damage from heavy machinery and equipment

  • High stress traffic areas

  • Road repair from tree root damage


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