Central QLD Contractors We Have a 24-Hour Emergency Call Out Pot Hole Repair Service

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Emergency pothole repair after flooding.
After heavy rainfalls, potholes can appear.
If you have an emergency situation please call us to help.

  • Our Services

    At Central QLD Contractors we don't just seal and pave roads.
    We offer a 24-hour emergency call out for road flood repair.
    We do 1 and 2 coat Bitumen Seal.
    We have in the past been called upon to do repair or pave anything from rural roads, carparks and pathways
    to driveways, sheds and private airstrips.

    When you call - you talk directly to the boss and you can get your quote and information first hand.

  • Earthing

    Paving Driveways

    Talk to us today about laying a new driveway to your home or business.

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    Hot Bitumen Spraying

    1 & 2 coat bitumen spray seal
    Dust reduction

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    Carparks & Car Sheds

    We can build a new cost-effective floor for your car shed and carpark.

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    Paving Roads

    Hot Spray Bitumen road paving.  Quality work done with pride.

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    Bobcat Hire

    Click here to find out more about hiring one of our Bobcats for your next project.

Central Queenland Contractors

Servicing all of Central Queensland with 24-hour emergency pothole repair, paving airstrips, driveways, paths, factory carparks, hot mix and bitumen spray seal.
Call us today for your next project.

Central Queensland Contractors is a friendly hardworking team and small family owned bussiness.

At Central QLD Contractors we pride ourselves on building a solid reputation with repeat clients. 
We give one on one service from the start of your project to the finish.
Our work is backed by a warranty.
To discuss further please call on

  • One on one client service

  • We deliver a profesional service and warranty.

  • Jobs completed on time to your deadline

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Quality Work

At Central QLD Contractors we back all our work with a warranty.
Length of warranty dependant on the actual job.
If you need to make an inquiry, call us today.


Strong work ethic

We want you to refer us and the best way to do that is to over deliver!  We believe we go above and beyond for our clients because we want you to talk about us all over town.


Equiped and ready to go

At Central QLD Contractors we own all our own equipment.  We have a 24-hour emergency call out pothole repair service.
Call us today.

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Serving All Of Central Queensland
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